How it works - The Zoom Wedding – The Wedding People

How it works - The Zoom Wedding

How does all this work?

Worldwide !
For everyone around the world and same sex couples!

Worldwide Online Weddings
 6 easy Steps for your marriage:

Step 1:
Schedule date and time for your Wedding

Step 2:
After you have scheduled date and time and finished your booking you will receive a email with a small form which we need back duly filled along with your proper scanned passport copies and a selfie from each of you.

NO other documents are requiered

Step 3:
The Wedding People will apply for your marriage License and once we have received the same, normally after 24 hours we will reconfirm your scheduled date and time you have choosen in Step 1

Step 4:
Your big Day.
Me, as your officiant will solemnize your marriage and will sign your marriage certificate. The first softcopy you will receive by email. The hardcopy will get issued the next business day by the License office and will be send to you by Mail to the given address in the Application.

Step 5 - Apostille
In case you have ordered an Apostille with us, i will issue a certified Copy directly after i have signed and issued your marriage certificate. The certified copy will be send via mail (2 working days) to the State Capitol -  Authentications 
Office where the Apostille will be issued. 

Step 6:
Once the Apostille got issued, the timeframe you are deciding while you are ordering the same, you will receive a FedEx Tracking Number and after a couple of days you will receive the apostilled marriage certificate in original.


What can you expect when you are getting married with the Wedding People?

Once you have submitted your Documents and application to us, we will apply your marriage license. This allows you legally to get married.

Coming close to the wedding day, you need to supply two witnesses over the age of 18.

You as the couple and your witnesses need to be online with me during the ceremony, but you do not need to be in the same location. You can stay anywhere in the world

Me as your officiant will verify the ID of the couple as well as the age and identity of the two witnesses.

The ceremony is performed by me as a Wedding officiant. I am using a standard scripts that fulfills the legal requirements of the state. 

I as the Officiant will ask you, the couple, if you wish to get married to each other and both of you will need to respond, Yes, i do.

You will be given the chance to exchange vows and rings if you want to.

After the ceremony, i will finalize the registration of your wedding with the county.

After the registration with the county will receive your digital certified copy of your marriage certificate by Email. Your hard-copy will be sent on the next available business day directly from the Marriage License Office.

If an Apostille is needed, we will get a certified copy of your marriage certificate issued and get the same send to Lt. Govenors Office where the Apostille is getting issued and send to you via FedEx Express.

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