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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the most frequently asked questions.
If you dont find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is required to apply for a marriage License:
In order to apply for a marriage license you need to have a valid Passport, National ID or a US Driving License. Furthermore you need to have a "Selfie" from yourself.

Who can use our services?
Everyone around the world can use our Service. There is no citizenship or residency requirements to obtain a marriage license. Every couple around the world can apply for a valid marriage license. Our service is available to same-sex couples as well.

What is required for a legal marriage ceremony?
The Zoom Wedding requires an authorized officiant and two witnesses.

Do other US States recognize our Weddings?
Yes. All states should recognize a marriage that is legalized in one state, regardless of their marriage laws.

How much time does the process take?
It is depending on you how fast you want to get married. You have to schedule your wedding (date & time) online. After receiving your application and receiving the marriage license from the county we will reconfirm your scheduled wedding.

How much does the Service cost?
We charge $549 for the service. It includes the marriage license, ceremony, 1 digital and 1 hard copy of the certification which will be send to you on the next available business day from the marriage license office.

Does a couple have to appear in person to get their marriage license?
No. Couples apply their marriage license completely online. The marriage Ceremony is taking place with Zoom.

Your are in a seperate Location. Is it still possible to get married?
Yes. Our Zoom weddings must permit the officiant, participants, and witnesses to see and hear each other in order to be valid. Regardless of your location when you are using the Weddings Peoples service you can legally use your marriage license issued from the USA.

Does the marriage certificate mention that the marriage was online?
No, you will receive a traditional legal marriage certificate. It has the same legal status like a in office marriage.

Do other Countries recognize our Weddings?
Some countries recognize marriages solemnized in the US. Additional authentication of the marriage certificate for other countries may be required. This additional certification is called an Apostille. We provide Apostille certification if you wish to have one. Read more here

What differentiates our weddings from a virtual wedding?
Virtual weddings take place with avatars in a virtual space. In our weddings the participants present themselves. The marriage takes place in a physical location – the host location of the ceremony.

What is the difference between our service and a proxy wedding?
A proxy marriage occurs when someone else represents an absent spouse. In our weddings, the participants represent themselves. They visually appear before an officiant and witnesses; their personal verbal agreement to enter the marriage is heard by the officiant and witnesses. Our service is not a proxy marriage. Each participant must appear before the officiant personally. They cannot be represented by a third party.