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About me

I am passionate about making people happy and as such we aim to treat every elopement as though it’s our best friend’s wedding.

This is your special day and iam here to make sure you have everything you need to make it magical.

My short Vitae:

Dedicated, focused Marriage Officiant to fulfill Couples dreams to come to get together

Born: May 1968
Martial Status: Happily married (Online Marriage) with my Wife
Children: 2 Girls

Masters in Business & Commercial
Inbound Manager of Dubai Tourism and Commercial Marketing
County Clerk Designee & American Marriage Minister

Note: I am based in Germany

How the Wedding People started - Yes, with Covid 19

My wife and me (a binational Couple) wanted to get married in Denmark in the beginning of 2020. We have choosen Denmark because they dont have the war of papers like in the UK or Germany or any other Country of the European Union.

Then Covid 19 came with full impact. Travelling got restricted, borders got closed and we could not get married like we wanted.

Since then we have searched for options......

We have written to almost each and everyone, asked for help but during this time no one could help us. We have searched further and before some month we found a way to get 100% legally married.

I must admit that its not the most romantic way to get married but we said to ourself that we will renew our vows again and celebrate later on with family and friends when this horrible time has finished.

Since we had only this choice, we married online. Of course i was sceptical but everything went fine. The Ceremony was short and sweet and today, looking back, we did everything correct.

A couple of days later we got our Marriage Certificate and the needed Apostille so that there are no issues with the recognition of our Marriage in any state around the globe.

And now it´s your turn

We both said to ourself that we should help you to get married and so we formed - The Wedding People, a registered Trademark in the EU and the US.

Our Aim is to fulfill your dream in getting married and being human to each other.

And now, all the best for you!

County Clerk Designee

American Marriage Minister